As control shareholders, MCM is focused on working with management to develop strategy, identify add-on acquisitions, optimize balance sheet capitalization, and structure attractive incentive compensation arrangements that align management and owner interests.

MCM seeks to make a limited number investments; each platform company represents a significant portion of Millbrook Capital Management’s total capital in order to more closely align its interest and focus with management team partners.

With entirely principal capital, MCM operates at an advantage to traditional private equity firms through:

  • Non-bureaucratic decision making: Flexible and fast with creative deal structuring for sellers.
  • Permanent capital: Available resources to enhance value throughout the life of an investment.
  • No pressure from LP’s: Unencumbered by arbitrary timelines or the need to create investor liquidity.
  • Solely aligned with management: The interests of MCM are 100% aligned with management with success dictated entirely by the long-term performance of investment.