Investment Criteria

MCM seeks partners that meet these criteria

Enterprise Value: $10mm to $60mm
EBITDA: $3mm to $10mm
Greater than 20% Gross Margin
Management: Strong Management Looking to Partner
Geography: North American Headquarters
Industry Focus: Manufacturing and Business Services

MCM is seeking to acquire non-distressed companies that own defensible market positions, have structural competitive advantages and stable free cash flow, yet could benefit from a new capital partner.

Our industry focus is on manufacturing, business services, and boutique wineries with prior investments in: aerospace & defense, auto-parts, non-IT business services, publishing, security, healthcare manufacturing, communications equipment, waste and recycling eqipment, general industrial manufacturing, and wineries.

MCM targets platform companies with consistent free cash flow, low ongoing capital expenditure requirements, and opportunities to deploy additional growth capital through focused industry consolidation.